The company was founded by brothers-in-law Tyler Holland and Josh Miller. Owen is Josh's Great-Great-Grandfather, Owen Woods, who immigrated to the United States in 1864. Upon leaving the Navy, Owen opened up a general store and bar with his brother in Portland, Maine where he passed on his entrepreneurial spirit to his 12 children. Owen Woods’ determination and family-values are shared by Josh and Tyler, which is the spirit that driver Owen’s Craft Mixers!

Actually, it's a mule. Owen’s first product was Ginger Beer + Lime, most commonly used for Moscow Mules, so “Owen the Mule” became our mascot. Now we love him too much to change - Owen is cute, loveable, and loves to party/get weird.

Yes, very carbonated. It’s like a rocket ship taking off (just kidding), so please be careful while opening.

Prior to opening, the product does not need to be refrigerated; though having it cold will reduce how much ice is melted in your cocktail, so it never hurts! Refrigerate after opening.

All Owen’s products are made with real juice, so the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is simply the juice product settling to the bottom of the glass. Gently tip the bottle to disperse.


Please visit our wholesale page or email us at We have all sorts of helpful packages available for your wedding, cocktail party, bbq, or corporate event.