Owen's Craft Mixers was founded by Josh Miller and Tyler Holland, brothers-in-law living in New York City. The story begins by trying to create the perfect Ginger Beer for Tyler and Josh’s favorite cocktail, the Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice).

After countless attempts in Tyler’s kitchen, complete with a SodaStream to carbonate, multiple tasting parties, and meetings with top mixologists, the recipe, a real kick in the glass, was ready for primetime.

Their idea was simple: create the best tasting cocktail mix where all you have to do is add liquor. Let’s be honest, drinking should be fun but waiting in line isn’t!

The result has been mixers that are made in the USA with real ingredients, less sugar and quality you can taste. We made sure that drinking the absolute best would no longer be limited to special occasions and that convenience no longer means a lack of quality. We’re transforming the cocktail scene across the USA and hope you will join us. Summon Your Spirits Animal today!